The Exelixis Institute promotes and invests in volunteerism to support the social development worldwide and to encourage the spirit of solidarity. We believe in the principle of interactivity, meaning that we contribute to the fulfillment of the democratic principles through our free will, personal choice and individual action so as to build a more cohesive society for us and the generations to come.

  • From Prometheus and Hercules to our modern anonymous heroes, volunteerism modifies a society of free and open minded citizens, a society filled with trust among its citizens, a society that encourages the transferring of knowledge and experience in order to achieve worldwide peace and development.

    Become a volunteer because  democracy and the worldwide well-being is your responsibility too. Only via understanding of the others, personal contribution, individual involvement, activism, humanitarian values and altruism, we can dream of a better quality of life.


    Social activities in corporation with similar organizations.

    Activities and seminars for integration and social inclusion in the Greek society.

    Actions and campaigns against racism and xenophobe.

    Conferences against racism and any kind of violence.


    Links for volunteering opportunities in Greece and abroad.

    How to choose a suitable to your skills and interests volunteer job.

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