What Leaders Do: Five Actions That Make a Difference

Leadership is not something done one person to another. It is a process, not an entitlement. Leadership is about getting results through others, managing change, and having a clear vision from which you develop strategies.


Our Goals

  1. The encouragement and support of entrepreneurship and youth social and political participation. Similarly, the involvement of citizens in national, regional and local levels, as the capacities and skills of the younger generation and active citizens are the foundation of evolution and development.
  2. Training young people in leadership and skills, as well as educating emerging leaders in international relations, given that young leaders can undoubtedly be strengthened through education and educational lectures, discussions, group activities, presentations , short studies, news, engagement with personal trainer, political forums and project planning meetings.
  3. The strengthening of democracy, by increasing political engagement and youth participation in decision-making, in order to foster a greater sense of social consciousness and to increase confidence in the democratic process.
  4. Particular importance is also given to intercultural education of both indigenous as well as foreign citizens with the aim of mutual understanding and respect for cultural specificities of different ethnic groups, and the creation of cooperation and solidarity networks among citizens which aims to the smooth development of individuals and collectives engaged in a well-governed democratic intercultural society.
  5. The enhance of skills in sectors such as Leadership, negotiation and emotional intelligence trough special seminars; and generally to promote and achieve the objectives of the institute.
  6. To provide all possible support and defend the rights of migrants and foreigners who live in Greece.
  7. The desire to study, promote,  preserve, develop and disseminate -among Immigrants- cultural and historical values and traditions of each people.
  8. Cooperation with scientific bodies and organizations, associations, other clubs, federations and generally with every educational institution, Greek or foreign.
  9. Focusing on providing legal assistance to resolve bureaucratic affairs and defense of women's rights.
  10. The creation of a legal and social support department  to facilitate independence and integration of Immigrants,  Asylum Seekers, Refugees and those who have been admitted under humanitarian status.
  11. The integration of immigrants into Greek society by strengthening of relations between Greeks and foreigners and creating a climate of mutual trust, respect and understanding.

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