Two Greeks among the top young leaders in the world

Byron Vassiliades and Eleni Antoniadou, were selected as two of the 121 Young Global Leaders for 2016 by the World Economic Forum.

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is an international network of politicians, businessmen, academics, researchers, artists and members of humanitarian organizations, which have the ability to significantly influence global issues, shaping the future of global political, economic and social agenda.

The selection of members is held annually in recognition of the most innovative business and socially minded young people under 40 years of age with a common element vision for a better world.

The President of Antipollution A.N.E. & GREEN A.E. companies, mr. Vassiliades Byron, was chosen as one of the 121 Young Global Leaders (YGL) for 2016 by the World Economic Forum.

Mr. Byron Vassiliades, recognizing the value and the responsibility that bears the title of Young Global Leader, will enhance the Forum's efforts to find new proposals for a better society for all.

The Antipollution A.N.E. and GREEN A.E companies are members of Vassiliades Group; which is active in the areas of Waste Management, Recycling, Energy and Marine. The Antipollution A.N.E. is today one of the leading environmental companies with activities in Greece and abroad. GREEN A.E. is one of the fastest growing companies in Greece and its activities focus on the supply of electricity in Greece and electricity trading in the region of Southeast Europe.

The second greek entry in the «121 Young Global Leaders for 2016» by the World Economic Forum, is NASA's Greek biologist Eleni Antoniadou.

The 28 year old Greek biologist, Eleni Antoniadou excelled for the first time in 2011 after making the world’s first successful transplant, by creating an artificial trachea for a 36 year old cancer patient. The NASA chose Helen in 2012 among 1,200 students to study at NASA Academy. In the course of her young career, Antoniadou has received several awards, including: NASA - ESA Award for 2012, was selected for the 2013 Woman of the Year in London, Every-woman in Technology Awards, the 2015 Young Business Woman of the Year in the UK, BBC 100 Most Powerful Women "11 Great Greeks of the Past, Present and Future" by the EPP party of the European Parliament, Libertine 100, Greek America Forty under 40. In 2014 she became the USA Laureate for Cartier for her research in bioengineering. Eleni was also included in the List of 21st-century women scientists that was sponsored by The New York Academy of Sciences.

Born in 1987 in Thessaloniki, is one of the start-up company founders «Transplant without Donors». The company’s objective is the transplantation of artificial organs created from biomaterials and biocells.

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