"Xenophobil" First public campaign against xenophobia and racism Featured

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  • Venue: Athens, Monastiraki Square
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The main focus of the campaign is to defend the right to diversity and the value of peaceful coexistence. This effort is sealed by the promotion of Xenophobil, a "drug" that relieves the symptoms of xenophobia and treats patients with a satirical recipe which makes everybody smile while reading the leaflet and tasting the sweet chewing gum. During the first public campaign were involved more than 25 volunteers from the Institute and the Norwegian embassy and distributed 2500 packages!

The event program:

Mr. Sjur Larsen, Ambassador of Norway IMG 8516

Jean-Daniel Colombani, YLE General Manager

Mr. Dimitrios Alefantis, YLE President

Mr. John Zouganelis, Actor

Mr. Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Former Secretary General of Mass Media

Mr. Marios Begzos, Dean of the theological faculty of the University of Athens

Distribution of 2500 packages of Xenophobil

xenophobil  “Xenophobic Symptoms”:

       Ø  Patients consider civilizations and cultures as fixed entities that cannot be changed evaluating their own culture as the most important of the scale and underestimating the other cultures.


       Ø  Patients translate the term “immigrant” into the term “outsider”.


       Ø  Patients’ behavior toward the others depends on the predefined characteristics, due to his/hers religion, culture or mentality.


       Ø  Patients have the tendency  to idealize their own image.


       Only by using suitably Xenophobil, patients could be finally free of hate and fear of other social groups such as Roma, Jews, Christians, Muslims.

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