“Now difference has a sweeter taste…” event on the occasion of the International Day for Immigrants Featured

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  • Venue: Athens, Hotel Golden Age, Michalakopoulou 57
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exelixis xenophobilThe conference is the beginning of a campaign whose aim is to fight against racism and xenophobia.

The campaign’s main goal is to defend the right in being different and to promote the value of peaceful coexistence. This initiative, was stamped with the promotion of Xenophobil, a "drug" that relieves from the symptoms of xenophobia and cures patients.

The conference was attended by representatives of immigrant groups, cooperating foreign missions, institutions of health and excellent partners from academia and journalism society.
Also attendant at the conference was the Ambassador of Norway, Mr. Sjur Larsen since the Embassy of Norway has been a central contributor to this campaign against xenophobia and racism.

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Theodore Kounas, President of YLE

Jean-Daniel Colombani, Secretary General of YLE

Dimitrios Anastasopoulos, Lawyer - President of e-Themis

George Kypraios, Professor in the University of Peloponese

Pavlos Papathanasiou, Journalist

Dr.Stamatis Poulakidakos, Resrarcher in Department of Communication and Media, University of Athens

Syed Mohammad Jamil,President of the Greek - Pakistani Cultural Association

Emmanuel Okparacha, President of the Nigerian Diaspora Greece

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