Mentoring event “Building Society for Young Leaders – Business, NGO’s and Politics“

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  • Venue: Athens, Hotel Golden Age, Michalakopoulou 57
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The Exelixis Leadership Institute organized Mentoring Event “Building Society of Young Leader – Business, NGO’s and Politics” in which youngsters were welcomed to participate and learn more about work of NGO’s, professional career options, business and politics in multicultural environment.

The event was led by 3 guest speakers and professionals in their own work fields - Maria Moudatsou who is forensic psychologist and director of Institutional & Vertical Fundraising in NGO Praksis, Michalis Marioras who is lecturer at University of Athens in School of Theology, and Danae Bezantakou - Managing Director of Navigator Shipping Consultants LTD, Founder Greek Food Obsessions and President of iforU Greek Mentoring Network. 

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The Event Programme

18:15 - 18:45

Jean-Daniel Colombani: General Secretary of the Exelixis Institute - "Minorities and Indigenous People"

18:45 - 19:15

Maria Moudatsou: Forensic Psychologist, Director of Institutional & Vertical Fundraising, NGO PRAKSIS - "Designing NGO’s and their role in the society"

19:45 - 20:15mentoring 4

Michalis Marioras: Lecturer at University of Athens, School of Theology, History of Religion - Multiculturalism “From Existence to Co-Existence”

20:15 - 20:45

Danae Bezantakou: Managing Director of Navigator Shipping Consultants LTD, Founder GREEK FOOD OBSESSIONS and President iforU Greek Mentoring Network - "NGO establishment and professional career in NGO. iforU - How mentoring can help promote growth of women entrepreneurship"

20:45 - 21:00

Open Discussion between speakers and audience

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