Combating Discriminations through technology - Fight 4 Rights

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  • Venue: Athens, Hotel Golden Age, Michalakopoulou 57
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On Occasion of the International Human Rights Day And The International Migrants Day, The Exelixis Institute is organizing a Event entitled Combating Discriminations through technology aiming to bring to the same table Communities , religious functionaries, diplomatic officials and academics.  Through discussion of topics such as the social and political challenges of a Diverse society, distinguishing features of each Targets Groups (Youth, Migrants, Religion Communities, Homosexual, Handicaps, Women’s), we will work to reach a consensus and develop joint initiatives.

Presentation will be held for the application "Fight for Rights"


The Event Programme


Event Moderator: Christos Mazanis, journalist.

18:00–18:15 Attendance

18:15–18:35 Welcome speeches  by representatives of the State and Political Parties & The Exelixi Board Members

18:35–18:55 Jean-Daniel Colombani, Project Manager of The Exelixis Institute “Idea and potential ”
Presentation of the application "Fight for Rights"

18:55–19:05 Nikolaos Peppas, Economist, Paralympian

“Cutting off the shackles of exclusion and the crisis”

19:05–19:15 Dimitris Anastasopoulos, Lawyer, President of Greek Union of lawyers “e-Themis”

“Human rights, Technology & Racism: Slicing through the Gordian knot with the legislator”

19:15–19:25 Zefi Dimadama, Vice President PesWomen, Regional & Environmental Economist, PhD

“Technology as a tool for "defence" but also  "empowerment" of women and girls”

19:25–19:35 Michalis Marioras, Lecturer at The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Theology, History of Religion - Multiculturalism

“Religious discrimination in Greece: past, present and future”

19:35–19:45 Dina Vardaramatou, Program Coordinator Athens, PRAKSIS.

“Rhetoric and hate crimes and social reflexes”

19:45–19:55 Dr. Panos A. Efstathiou MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, PhD, President of the Hellenic Association on Crisis Management in the Health Sector

"Is there discrimination in the health sector?"

19:55–20:05 Pamela Caravas, Executive & Leadership Coach, CEO Coaching Evovlution Int'l Ltd

"Body image discrimination"

20:05–20:15 Nikos Kostopoulos, Development manager, Youth Business Network

“A world for youth : Challenges and opportunities

20:15–20:25 Sabiha Suleiman, Roma Activist in Greece & President of NGO "Hope" In Thrace

"The Roma in the Greek society: Actions against discrimination"

20:25–20:35 Rachid Ali, Member of the Athens Bar Association, Kurdish Activist.

"The Kurdish Ethnicity in European society: Refusal to accept?"

20:35–20:45 Representative of the Greek Transgender Support Association. TBC

20:45–21:00 Open discussion between speakers and audience

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