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YLE Conferences are important events that bring together youth and experts, government representatives, industry leaders, business managers and others to learn, discuss, and reach decisions about important issues facing the youth community.

To reduce the financial burden on YLE Members, we ask for the support of local and international organizations and government representatives . The majority of the attendees at YLE Conferences are Students, Phd candidates and decision makers from many areas (Ngo’s, Politics, Business) across the Transatlantic region. This is a rare opportunity to promote youth engagement to social events.

Target the Diverse society

YLE Conference sponsors can take advantage of this valuable opportunity to expose their organizations, governmental policies, products, and services to an international youth audience. Unlike attendees at larger trade shows, YLE Conference participants are predominantly members of the new generation of student and professional specialists across the world.

Be part of a highly credible youth leaders forum across the global community and help encourage growth within the youth community

The revenue we receive from sponsorship is channeled significantly into reducing delegate participation costs.

Sponsoring the YLE Conference helps lower the existing financial barriers for attending by participants from developing economies, thus enabling the widest possible range of members to be achieved.

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