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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is the contemporary method of personal development and achieving goals. With the assistance of a “personal trainer”, individuals understand how to manage their weaknesses and time, how to make decisions with clarity of thought and focus in particular targets.

In business, coaching contributes to the faster role and leadership taking over, the amplification of employees’ sentimental intelligence leading to more productivity. Coaching improves and enhances the group’s functionality as it reforms the relationships between employees and contributes to the best service of clients.

The term mentoring describes the cooperation between two people, which overlooks to the exchange of experience and information. Mentoring presupposes the common will for a trusting relationship between the mentor and the mentee. It is an irresolute relationship which strengthens both sides by enhancing their thinking and self-confidence.

In business, mentoring means practical advice in order to face difficulties, achieve personal development and one’s goals. It is a structured guidance and support program which takes place in a certain time frame.

Our goal is:

-To create a coaching and mentoring educational program which will educate new leaders by analyzing new scientific data that shape both history and culture.

-To train young people with a critical mind and clear thought. The use of coaching in educational institutions supports our vision. The vision of a society filled with able, talented and determined young people. Young people who claim and dream of a different way of life. 

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