Coaching is a modern method of personal development and achievement of objectives. With the assistance "personal coach", the person understands how to manage his weaknesses, to properly manage time, to make decisions with clarity and to focus on specific objectives.

The aim of the Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute is to educate youth through Coaching, so as to develop subtlety of thought and sharp reflection. By analyzing the new scientific data that form the historical and cultural events, the Institute will stand by in education, formation and emergence of new leaders.

Immediate practice of Coaching will help achieve our vision: a society staffed by young people with skills, talents and goals. Young people that claim and envision a different way of life.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is the contemporary method of personal development and achieving goals. With the assistance of a “personal trainer”, individuals understand how to manage their weaknesses and time, how to make decisions with clarity of thought and focus in particular targets.

In business, coaching contributes to the faster role and leadership taking over, the amplification of employees’ sentimental intelligence leading to more productivity. Coaching improves and enhances the group’s functionality as it reforms the relationships between employees and contributes to the best service of clients.

The term mentoring describes the cooperation between two people, which overlooks to the exchange of experience and information. Mentoring presupposes the common will for a trusting relationship between the mentor and the mentee. It is an irresolute relationship which strengthens both sides by enhancing their thinking and self-confidence.

In business, mentoring means practical advice in order to face difficulties, achieve personal development and one’s goals. It is a structured guidance and support program which takes place in a certain time frame.

Our goal is:

-To create a coaching and mentoring educational program which will educate new leaders by analyzing new scientific data that shape both history and culture.

-To train young people with a critical mind and clear thought. The use of coaching in educational institutions supports our vision. The vision of a society filled with able, talented and determined young people. Young people who claim and dream of a different way of life. 


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YLE Conferences are important events that bring together youth and experts, government representatives, industry leaders, business managers and others to learn, discuss, and reach decisions about important issues facing the youth community.

To reduce the financial burden on YLE Members, we ask for the support of local and international organizations and government representatives . The majority of the attendees at YLE Conferences are Students, Phd candidates and decision makers from many areas (Ngo’s, Politics, Business) across the Transatlantic region. This is a rare opportunity to promote youth engagement to social events.

Target the Diverse society

YLE Conference sponsors can take advantage of this valuable opportunity to expose their organizations, governmental policies, products, and services to an international youth audience. Unlike attendees at larger trade shows, YLE Conference participants are predominantly members of the new generation of student and professional specialists across the world.

Be part of a highly credible youth leaders forum across the global community and help encourage growth within the youth community

The revenue we receive from sponsorship is channeled significantly into reducing delegate participation costs.

Sponsoring the YLE Conference helps lower the existing financial barriers for attending by participants from developing economies, thus enabling the widest possible range of members to be achieved.


Youth African Diaspora: increase the capacity of the organization to advocate for youth participation

The AFRICAN DIASPORA YOUTH LIVING IN EUROPE (ADYNE) in co-operation with the European Youth Centre Budapest organized a study session between 20-26 October 2013 in Budapest.


Our Mission

1. Renew Faith in Democracy
Increase the engagement and involvement of youth in decision-making processes, leading to greater sense of civic responsibility and rise of confidence in democratic processes.

2. Enhance Democracy
Enrich political parties, institutions, social movements and parliaments with young, trained and experienced political leaders. Effective leaders are crucial for good governance and development in every society.

3. Promote peace and collaboration
Facilitate interaction and dialogue among the next generation of leaders through programs of international exchanges that enable emerging leaders to experience firsthand the political and cultural dynamics of other countries, thus, empowering dialogue and understanding among young people of different nationalities, religions, ethnicity and cultures.


The Institute

Youth Leadership “The Exelixis Institute” is a Greek organization whose primary aim is the education of the next generation of Leaders, stemming from the entire political spectrum of Greece. It was founded by a group of young democrats inspired by the Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Conference (April, Copenhagen- Denmark 2012).


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