Youth African Diaspora: increase the capacity of the organization to advocate for youth participation

The AFRICAN DIASPORA YOUTH LIVING IN EUROPE (ADYNE) in co-operation with the European Youth Centre Budapest organized a study session between 20-26 October 2013 in Budapest.

African Diaspora Youth is a minority which suffers exclusion and discrimination, thus ADYNE works to empower them on ways how to participate and to support the role of youth work and youth NGOs in addressing the exclusion and marginalization of young people and in promoting their access to rights.
The study session aimed to increase the capacity of the organization to advocate for youth participation in order to enhance social inclusion and awareness of social rights. diaspora
Networking, advocacy and lobbying constitute three essential interconnected and complementary tools which can have a great impact on the policy making process.
Under the guarantee of these three effective tools of networking, advocacy and lobbying, the study session, included a series of activities, such as plenary sessions, lectures, presentations, debates, working groups, workshops, intercultural and cultural activities.
One challenging moment of the study session, was the fact that the participants as well as the trainers, were from different cultural and academic backgrounds, more or less experienced, but surprisingly, everyone had something unique and interesting to share with the team.

The participants and the trainers had the opportunity to work with commitment and creativity, discovering the power of influencing, the necessity of lobbying on social orientation and participation, and the significance of networking in creating national and international strong hubs to enhance the dialogue between Youth African Diaspora in Europe and institutions, policy makers and stakeholders, as well as the importance of advocacy through campaigning, social media presence and in raising awareness, social sensitivity and civic engagement on crucial issues affecting the African Diaspora.


The participants seemed to enjoy all the activities, as the got the chance to familiarize themselves with youth policies, plan campaigning activities, advocate for the Organization, set communication plans, build partnerships and eventually evaluating the day proved to be a profoundly fruitful process. All participants were really impressed with the diversity in the intercultural background and the interaction between them. 

Moving towards the end of the study session and after an exciting week of generating input, sharing knowledge – good practices, stimulating innovative thinking, embracing teambuilding and socializing through outdoor activities, participants and trainers committed to keep the network of this promising team alive and work with diligence contributing to the fulfilment of ADYNE’s envisioned mission.

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