What Leaders Do: Five Actions That Make a Difference

Leadership is not something done one person to another. It is a process, not an entitlement. Leadership is about getting results through others, managing change, and having a clear vision from which you develop strategies.


TRANSATLANTIC INCLUSION LEADERS: FIRST EVENT 2012 The Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network of the German Marshall Fund .

The future is bright, the future is diverse.

If this conference in Copenhagen, about the next generation of minority political leadership, was a snap shot of the talent in the USA and Europe, then the future is bright, very bright.


Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network Grows

Distinguished alumni of GMF’s 2013 Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network (TILN) Workshop, Gabriele Gün Tank, Berlin Commissioner for Integration, and Daniel Gyamerah, activist with the Initiative of Black People in Germany, hosted the first “Network Inclusion Leaders” Berlin Workshop from December 16 – 20.


Our Vision

1. Encourage and support participation and engagement of young people at national, regional and local levels. The key to progress and development lies in the talents and energy of the younger generation.

2. Organize training programs, such as leadership training for young activists or the introduction of rising policy professionals to international affairs since young leaders can be empowered through education and training lectures, discussions, group activities, role plays, small studies, media reporting, homework exercises, political forums, project planning sessions.

3. Create a network of collaborators among youth and future leaders from the different sectors of society who have a variety of political views. Formation of co-operation and strong links between people from different countries and continents promoting mutual understanding, respect and friendship and cultivating long lasting relationships among next generation leaders.


The Institute

Youth Leadership “The Exelixis Institute” is a Greek organization whose primary aim is the education of the next generation of Leaders, stemming from the entire political spectrum of Greece. It was founded by a group of young democrats inspired by the Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Conference (April, Copenhagen- Denmark 2012).


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