Mentoring event “Building Society for Young Leaders – Business, NGO’s and Politics“

On Thursday 20 June 2013, the Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute organized Mentoring Event “Building Society for Young Leaders - Business, NGO’s and Politics” in which youngsters were welcomed to participate and learn more about work of NGO’s, professional career options, business and politics in multicultural environment.


YLE representatives meet Secretary of Justice Mr Athanasiou

On Monday, December 2nd 2013, The Youth Leadership - The Exelixis Institute, represented by its Project Manager, Jean - Daniel Colombani and Manager Dr. Stamatis Poulakidakos,  informed of its' action the Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, Mr. Charalambos Athanasiou - even submitting specific proposals to improve the conditions at the Special Youth Detention Facilities in Avlona, Greece.


First public campaign against xenophobia and racism "Xenophobil" 6/6/2015

              The "Young Leaders – The Exelixis" Institute and the Norwegian Embassy in Greece organized an event against xenophobia and racism entitled "Now the difference tastes sweeter ..." last Saturday, June 6 at 11:00-13:00 at Monastiraki Square in Athens. The main focus of the campaign is to defend the right to diversity and the value of peaceful coexistence.

This effort is sealed by the promotion of Xenophobil, a "drug" that relieves the symptoms of xenophobia and treats patients with a satirical recipe which makes everybody smile while reading the leaflet and tasting the sweet chewing gum.
During the first public campaign were involved more than 25 volunteers from the Institute and the Norwegian embassy and distributed 2500 packages!
The presence and the active participation of the Ambassador of Norway, Mr. Sjur Larsen honored the event, since the Embassy of Norway in Greece is the main contributor to the Institute's campaign against xenophobia and racism.
The General Manager of the Institute and creator of "drug", Mr. Jean-Daniel Colombani, described the phenomenon of xenophobia and racism as a central social and political issue, adding that: "Greek people must take bold actions to bring forward their world-famous hospitality."
The President of the Institute, Mr. Dimitrios Alefantis explained that the "Young Leaders – The Exelixis" Institute aims at mobilizing the new generation of leaders, youth participation and creating a network of partners among young people and future leaders from different social sectors with a variety of political visions through designed programs.
The actor, Mr. John Zouganelis stressed the need to understand each other’s needs while noting that the answer to xenophobia is the actual Greek word and the concept of hospitality.
Former Secretary General of Mass Media, Mr. Ioannis Panagiotopoulos said that we have to fight xenophobia, and show the original elements that express the Greeks.
Mr. Marios Begzos, dean of the theological faculty of the University of Athens, said: "The hospitality and the fight against xenophobia has always been to the tradition of Hellenism from antiquity until today."
Finally, the event was attended by Mr. Nikos Pepas, former Prefect of Eastern Attica and MEP candidate.
The conclusion of this campaign is that the Greek society embraced this move by embracing diversity.
Press and Public Relations
“Young Leaders – The Exelixis" Institute


Xenophobil : Public Campaign against xenophobia & Racism

On Wedensday December 18th, the Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute organised an event titled: “Now difference has a sweeter taste…”. The event was inspired by the International Day for Immigrants and was made under the auspices of Medical Association of Athens. This event was just the beginning of a two month lasting campaign whose aim is to fight against racism and xenophobia.

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