Xenophobil : Public Campaign against xenophobia & Racism

On Wedensday December 18th, the Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute organised an event titled: “Now difference has a sweeter taste…”. The event was inspired by the International Day for Immigrants and was made under the auspices of Medical Association of Athens. This event was just the beginning of a two month lasting campaign whose aim is to fight against racism and xenophobia.

11453853706 403aef8370 cThe campaign’s main goal is the defendence of the right in being different and of the value of peaceful leaving. This initiative, was stamped with the promotion of Xenophobil, a " drug " that relieves the symptoms of xenophobia and cures patients.

The conference was attended by representatives of immigrant groups, cooperating foreign missions, institutions of health and excellent partners from academia and journalism society.
Also attendant at the conference was the Ambassador of Norway, Mr. Sjur Larsen since the Embassy of Norway has been a central contributor to this campaign against xenophobia and racism.


The General Secretary of Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute, Mr. Jean – Daniel Colombani, noticed that xenophobia is a crucial political issue that demands radical initiatives without thinking of the political cost.


The Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute aims to train future leaders by promoting the participation and create a network of collaborators among youth and future political leaders from the different sectors of society and with a variety of political views.

Respresentatives of all the groups sent their greetings to the present audience and through their short speeches made clear for once more that this is high time racism and xenophobia are social phenomena that should go down. Unfortunately, the crisis nowadays makes this an even harder goal but Immigrants who are kicked out from their home country need to feel secure.

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