Interfaith Dialogue Day, “Seeking Ways to Coexist with Those of Different Religion”

The Youth Leadership – The Exelixis Institute, under the auspices of Unesco, held an Inter-faith day conference by the title “Seeking Ways to Coexist with Those of Different Religion”, at the Cultural Center of the Archdiocese of Athens, on May 5, 2014.

The aim of this conference was the exploring of the problems, the challenges and the most possible solutions that arise from the coexistence of those of different religions focusing on points which facilitate the coexistence of religions as they arising from their teaching.

The structure of the conference wasbased on two axes:
Special scientists developed essential points on teaching concerning three great monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam - as for coexistence with others, focusing on tolerability, acceptance or rejection of coexistence. b) Chaplaincy of the main heterodox religions and communities that actively involved in our country highlighted the problems, the challenges, the positives and negatives that arise from the everyday life of the coexistence of different religious.

The event greeted by: Fr Adamantios Avgoustidis on the part of Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymou, Ambassador of Indonesia Mr. Benny BAHANADEWA, the G. Secretary of Mass Media Mr. Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, the G.Secretary of Civil Protection Mr. Patroklos Georgiadias, the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt Mr Hirsam Darwish, the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Iran Mr. Mozafari. They, also, said greetings Mr. Dim.Papagalakis representative of the President of the Greek Commission for UNESCO, Father M.Bradshaw on the part of the Ambassador of British, the President of the ESHEA Mrs. Maria Antoniadis and Mr. Jean Daniel Colombani the President of the Youth Leadership – The Exelixis Institute.

In the event participated as speakers:
- Dr Begzos Marios, Professor, “Changing the Faith: Religious Pluralism is Guilty or Non-Guilty?”

- Dr Zarras Constantinos, Assistant Professor, “Children of Abraham: The Jew and the Other in an age of anxiety”
- Reverend Adamantios Augoustidis, Associate Professor, “Pastoral Approach of Otherness”
- Dr Marioras Michalis, Lecturer, “Seeking ways of religious coexistence: Islamic perspectives”

- Dr Tsapogas Michalis, Lawyer, “Legal dimensions of the religious coexistence in Greece”
- Savant Rabbin Negrin Gabriel, “Act of peace: The path of faith towards the coexistence”
-Savant Imam Dr Abd Rasoul Mounir, “The foundations of inter-religious dialogue in Islam and its relation to modern reality”
- The Most Reverend Chrysostomos Metropolitan of Messenia, “The principle of Tolerance and its implication in the context of religious freedom”
- Father Kontidis Theodoros, “Catholics in Greece today”
-Reverend Boukis Dimitrios, “I the Stranger: Fulfill the Royal Law” The moderators of the discussion was Mr. Daniel Esdras, Director of the International Organization for Migration Office (IOM) in Athens and Mr. Alexandros Velios, Journalist
Main points of the speeches:
"Changing faith meets our tolerance in the name of religious pluralism and the criterion of how our coexistence with other religious”, Mr.Marios Begzos.
"Let us learn from the peacemaker Aaron, the" Prince of Peace "Jesus Christ or those who carry messages of reconciliation and mutual. Let us learn from the contemporary of Jesus Christ, a great jurist Hillel: "If not me, then who? If not now, then when? ", Mr. Constantinos Zarras.
'Primary concern of pastoral approach is the conformation of a Christocentric ethos of the members of the Church that the love for the others or ours be manifested in practice”, Father Adamantios Avgoustidis.
"Religions through teaching and historical evidence have proved beyond all the difficulties that can coexist fruitfully and creatively. People want?” Mr. Michalis Marioras.

"The remaining spreads of the Greek legal context for religious freedom, by the West European enlightening standard constitute open theological pending, despite the undoubted progress that achieved and affect the prospects of a genuine interfaith dialogue under equal conditions”, Mr. Michalis Tsapogas.

"Today, over the half of the world's population, supports its origin literally (genealogical) or metaphorically (spiritually) to the Patriarch Abraham. The past teaches the present so it can build the future. The Rabbis teach: "Accept every person with pure and natural face” Rabin Negrin.

"It is time to understand all Muslims, Christians and Jews that it is an unacceptable situation of hatred, resentment and hostility that occurs between us," Munir A.


Metropolitan of Messinia Mr. Chrysostomos reported in complex task of of the Church of Greece to express the coexistence documenting the 'practice' in ecclesiological criteria.

Fr. Theodoros Kontidis mentioned the difficulties that faced the Catholics in Greece, but also the positive developments which happening lately.

Rev.. Dimitris Boukis described the reality of evangelicals in Greece through various narratives.






Seeking Ways to Coexist with Those of Different Religion

The Youth Leadership – The Exelixis Institute, under the auspices of Unesco, held an Inter-faith day conference by the title “Seeking Ways to Coexist with Those of Different Religion”, at the Cultural Center of the Archdiocese of Athens, on May 5, 2014.


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