Each year the YLE offers 30 positions to university students over two six-month periods. These include internship positions as well as positions in acquiring duties pertaining to assisting in research. Emphasis is given to international policy, diplomacy, international and Euro-Atlantic relations, European law, mass media, political communication, as well as other additional fields of interest depending on current developments and evolving socio-economic needs.

Interns originate from departments of political and economic sciences, international studies, mass media and communication, sociology and business educational institutes. Basic pre-requisites are:
1. Excellent knowledge of at least one foreign language
2. Computer skills
Interns are required to attend three days a week for a period of four hours each day.
Applications are accepted subsequent to a relevant announcement – proclamation. The application must be accompanied by:
1. Detailed term evaluation
2. Brief curriculum vitae in Greek and in English
3. List of course papers as well as any publications
4. Certificate of foreign language

Selected students undertake research and assistance roles, while participating in the preparation and conduct of the seminars, lectures and conferences held by the Institute each year, as well as in the preparation of various proposals concerning research programs.

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