Citizenship Courses

Seminars on citizenship could be divided in two main categories, Politics and Society, which can be further divided in several thematic areas:

Society (10-12 two-hour lessons)

• Citizen vs. Consumer
• Citizen and Education
• Theories and formation of social movements
• Labor Union representation and negotiation within the crisis
• Citizens’ society and activism as forms of direct and indirect action (self-organizing, self-management, volunteerism)
• Democratic rights and claims in crisis environment

Politics (10-12 two-hour lessons)

• Function of political system and decision-making procedures within the Greek political system
• Elections, parties, and the political system in periods of crisis
• Political elites and political leaderships within the Greek political system
• The procedure of collective decision- making and negotiation in international organizations (E.U., U.N., I.M.F., N.A.T.O.)
• NGO’s, Independent Administrative Authorities, Legal Entities of Private Law, Legal Entities of Public Law as factors of de-centralized function of state authority and implementation of policies.


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