Human Rights Courses

Human rights short courses

The Institute will run a programme of short human rights certificate courses for professional participants. They are held on consecutive Saturday evenings over eight or ten weeks, or over two consecutive days. They are taught by leading human rights lawyers and academic experts. They are accredited by the Bar Standards Board and Law Society for CPD points. 

Understanding Women's Human Rights

This unique and original two day course will examine the international human rights law framework that guarantees the rights of women and critically evaluate its potential to challenge core obstacles undermining the effective protection of women’s rights in the world today.

International Human Rights Law and Practice

In today's legal, policy and business worlds, international human rights law affects the way all of us work, either explicitly or implicitly. A knowledge of international human rights standards is increasingly required. Therefore those involved in the legal professions - whether as barristers, solicitors, employed lawyers or judges - and those involved in government, public policy, business and civil society need to have a solid understanding of the breadth and depth of human rights principles.

Run in collaboration with leading practitioners in the human rights field, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of human rights principles, their origins, the institutions responsible for their enforcement and how their content is determined.

Armed conflict, whether international or internal, remains an ongoing aspect of life. War and armed conflict, even when in principle lawful, can result in some of the worst abuses and atrocities. This eight-week programme examines the laws of war and international criminal law from the perspective of international human rights law. It confronts the crucial questions: are human rights law, the laws of war and international criminal law three distinct disciplines? Have they now become so entwined that it is not possible fully to understand one without some knowledge of the other?

Understanding Children's Human Rights

Childcare professionals, including lawyers and those directly working with and for children must therefore understand and be able to apply the international human rights law framework as it relates to children and young people.


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