Intercultural Seminars

“Knowing the other: From existence to co-existence”
Contemporary societies can be characterized as multicultural societies. We are currently living a significant motion of populations, especially from developing countries of the Arab world to the West, mainly due to civil wars and extreme poverty conditions. The acceptance and integration of these populations constitutes a serious test for Western societies too, especially within fiscal crisis situations as the ones that have been formed in Greece, which, due to its geographical position, stands as reception country for thousands of immigrants and refugees every year.

The bet of a regular integration of these populations in new societal environments can only be won through education and information, which can lead to respect of the other and acceptance of the diverse cultural characteristics of the different populations,
Therefore the main aim of the Interculturalism course is double: First, to acquaint the students with the Greek culture and tradition, so as to get to know the Greeks and the Greek reality in an easier way. Second, to facilitate the students to communicate with each other, so as to learn each other’s cultural background and exchange experiences.
Multiculturalism- Interculturalism (10-14 two-hour lessons)

• Introduction to intercultural education
• Presentation of the Greek culture and tradition
• Greek cultural specificities under the European environment
• Christian religion
• Islam religion
• Approaching the other
• From existence to co-existence
• The European reality
• The intercultural future

The lectures will be further enriched with specific activities, such as invitations of specialized speakers, visits of places of interest (churches, mosques etc.), hospitality from Greek families, movies, traditional cooking nights etc.

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