Perhaps this is the oldest social phenomenon from the beginning of societies. In the long course of humanity there were people who not forced to move.

The “migration” as a term has been fully intertwined with the need for survival as a historical fact, the evolution of human societies. It is the one that changed social structures, ethnic characters, and demographic composition.

Greece was the country of emigration from the early 20thcentury. Over the last two decades the migration of Greeks does not have massive but qualitative nature. This is mainly for migration of new graduates, executives, students and junior who remain in the host country after completion of their studies, or the economic crises .

At the beginning and the culmination of the “globalization”, Greece became a country of the “few opportunities” for indigenous people but is now in wave of emigration. For these people, Greece is the country of “many opportunities”.

 Our Vision is to create a democratic society based on the harmonious co-existence of the natives and the immigrants. To prepare and equip both the autochthonous and the allochthonous appropriately qualified for their smooth integration and dynamic entry in the domestic and international labor market and to contribute to the language training and general preparation for the smooth social assimilation and integration.


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