Who we are

Youth Leadership "The Exelixis Institute" is a nonpartisan institute whose primary goal is to serve as a catalyst for introducing rising policy professionals civic society, politics and to each other worldwide. We are committed to the principles and values of social democracy, dialogue, reconciliation, conflict management and good governance as means to achieve long lasting development for people.

The core problems identified

• Generally weak inter and intra-party democracy coupled with manipulated party conventions
• Lack of distinctive ideologies, programs, hence the prevalence of recycled leaders
• Limited inclusion of women, youth and foreigners in executive positions, often women and youths are used as support forces and instruments of mobilization

YLE is formed to contribute towards the following goals:
• promote democracy
• promote unity and multi-partism
• improve the capacity of generating ideologies and programs
• enhance the role of women and youth in executive positions and especially avoid their use as support forces and instruments of mobilization
• create a best trained, capable, active, critical and democratic thinking mass of young people who may take on leadership roles in the future
• to provide all possible support and defend the rights of migrants and foreigners who live in Greece for their immediate integration.


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